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Aqua Soil - New Amazonia Powder (3L)
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ADA has so far marketed AQUA SOIL AMAZONIA, and AMAZONIA II, but now it is possible to deliver AQUA SOIL AMAZONIA II with properties of AQUA SOIL AMAZONIA, by revising the selection of raw materials, and production process. We integrated AMAZONIA II with AMAZONIA, and started offering it as "NEW" AMAZONIA in a renewed packaging. "NEW" AMAZONIA is the idealistic substrate material for the Nature Aquarium, and has advantages of both AMAZONIA and AMAZONIA II.

01.Amazonia makes aquarium water a bit acidic.
Aqua Soil lowers pH and KH, and makes an idealistic environment for plants and fish.

02.New Amazonia contains rich organic acid and nitrogen level.
Organic substances in the soil are effective for keeping shrimps in healthy condition.

03.Its pebbles are hard to crumble.
The humic acid helps the plant growth, and hard-to-crumble pebbles do not cause water coloring/cloudiness.

Suggested Amount:
- 1 bag (9l) for 2ft tank
- 3 bag (9l) for 3ft tank
- 4 bag (9l) for 4ft tank


Price : S$ 32.80

Stock : 
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