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ADA - Green Brighty Special SHADE (250ml)
SKU : 103-0122
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Price : S$ 27.80

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Quantity : 1 Bottle
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Plants such as Ferns require only mild lighting and grow slowly. A layout with these plants requires a longer amount of time until it is completed and with time, the substrate often becomes old and stiff.

Green Brighty Special SHADE neutralizes the pH level of the substrate and the water, which tends to gradually become too acidic, and improves the conditions of the water, while effectively supplying nutrients for the plants.

Price : S$ 27.80

Stock : 
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thumbs up to ben for the prompt delivery n nice…
kenny, 2014-02-25

Plants received in good condition. Nice packaging btw. :)
Irwan, 2011-01-21
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