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WonderGro Pro Root+
SKU : WG-R50
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Price : S$ 16.80

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Quantity : 1 Bottle (50 tabs)
International Delivery : YES

* Each bottle contains 50 tablets (Size: 2cm diameter)

Wonder-Gro Pro Root+ is a specially formulated substrate supplement for aquatic plants. Its exclusive formulation and manufacturing process ensures that it does not cloud water and is generally safe to be used on most aquarium plants, fish and invertebrates.

It contains all essential elements (N, P, K, Fe, micro elements and a wide range of other important minerals and nutrients) required for healthy and strong plant growth and optimal effect may be noticed within the first few weeks and could last for up to several months, depending on the rate of nutrient uptake by corresponding plants.

Pro Root+ is readily absorbed via the roots, providing localised effect within the desired plant or part of aquarium. It features a slow-release depot action to ensure extended but strong effect to plant growth.

-Insert Pro Root+ into the substrate, about 1-2 inch under the desired plant or area.
-Each plant or area may be given more, or less than one tablet.
-Reinsert Pro Root+ when growth rate and paling of colour in plants occur.
-Each tablet can affect an area of about 2-3 square inches.

Price : S$ 16.80

Stock : 
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