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CO2 Opti-Clear Diffuser Set
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Price : S$ 34.80

Stock : 
Quantity : 1 Set
International Delivery : YES

Free Silicon Tubing (1m, clear)

The Opti-Clear Diffuser set provides you the necessary high quality glassware for CO2 diffusion. All glassware are individually hand-crafted and made of high grade, clear glass.
Just hook them up to a CO2 regulator and they are ready to be displayed.

The set:

Check Valve (8x1x1cm)
Bubble Counter (12x1.5x1.5cm)
CO2 Diffuser (3.5cm)
Drop Checker (with indicator solution)
CO2 Resistant Tubing (3m, clear or black)

* Inclusive of suction cups

Now, you no longer have to hide away your CO2 equipment.

Price : S$ 34.80

Stock : 
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