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Aquatic Plant
Alternanthera reineckii "lilacina"
SKU : AL002
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Price : S$ 1.99

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Quantity : 1 Pot (about 10 stems)
International Delivery : YES
Genus : Alternanthera
Family : Amaranthaceae
Structure : Stem
Origin : South America
Height : 15-40 cm
Width : 15-40 cm
Light : High
Temp : 17-28 °C
Ph : 5.0-7.0
Difficulty : Medium
Growth : Fast

Alternanthera reineckii "lilacina" is an attractive stem plant with purplish leaves.
It requires higher levels of light to grow and form dark-red leaves when submersed. The addition of CO2 will greatly boost the growth and beauty of this plant.

These are best planted in groups to achieve optimum aquascaping results. If pale leaves of this plant are noted, micro-fertilizers are lacking.

Price : S$ 1.99

Stock : 
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