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Aquatic Plant
Aponogeton natans
SKU : AP025
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Price : S$ 1.99

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Quantity : 1 Bulb
International Delivery : YES
Genus : Aponogeton
Family : Aponogetonaceae
Structure : Bulb
Origin : Sri Lanka
Height : 25-60 cm
Width : 20-30 cm
Light : Low - High
Temp : 24-30 °C
Ph : 6.0-8.0
Difficulty : Easy
Growth : Fast

Aponogeton natans is a very easy to keep plant, suitable for the beginning hobbyist. It is adaptable to varying water and temperature conditions.

It is undemanding and thrives in all water conditions and temperatures. It is best suited in the background due to its large size.

Price : S$ 1.99

Stock : 
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