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Aquatic Plant
Cladophora aegagropila (Marimo Moss Ball)
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Quantity : 1 pc
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Genus : Cladophora
Family : Cladophoraceae
Structure : Algae
Origin : Japan
Height : 3-5 cm
Width : 3-5 cm
Light : Low - High
Temp : 18-28 °C
Ph : 6.0-8.5
Difficulty : Very Easy
Growth : Very Slow

Cladophora aegagropila is not really a plant, but an algae ball. It is normally found in shallow lakes in Japan and is protected.

It is extremely easy to keep in any aquarium and the Japanese like to use this as a good luck charm.

In an aquarium it should be turned over regularly to keep it in shape. It can be divided into smaller pieces, which become spherical with time, or which form a carpet, if attached to roots and stones.

Price : S$ 3.99

Stock : 
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