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Aquatic Plant
Echinodorus macrophyllus
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Genus : Echinodorus
Family : Alismataceae
Structure : Rosette
Origin : South America
Height : 30-50 cm
Width : 20-30 cm
Light : Medium - High
Temp : 20-28 °C
Ph : 5.0-8.0
Difficulty : Easy
Growth : Normal

Echinodorus macrophyllus is a large Sword plant that is capable of outgrowing even large aquariums in good growing conditions.

Minimize the light period to less than 11 hours a day, to keep it from growing out of the aquarium. It is most suited for open aquariums or vivariums, where it forms decorative heart-shaped leaves above the water surface.

Price : S$ 4.99

Stock : 
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