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Lagarosiphon major - Mizu World
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Aquatic Plant
Lagarosiphon major
SKU : LA143
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Price : S$ 1.99

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Quantity : 1 Pot
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Genus : Lagarosiphon
Family : Hydrocharitaceae
Structure : Stem
Origin : Africa
Height : 15-40 cm
Width : 3-5 cm
Light : Medium - High
Temp : 16-26 °C
Ph : 6.0-8.0
Difficulty : Easy
Growth : Fast

Lagarosiphon major is native to Southern Africa, where it thrives in stagnant, cool water.

It makes littles demands except for cooler water in the aquarium. If the water is too warm, it can melt fast. Growth is exceptionally fast when tank conditions are optimum. It makes an attractive background plant with its glassy, drapping leaves.

* This is a federal noxious weed.

Price : S$ 1.99

Stock : 
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