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Aquatic Plant
Microsorum pteropus "Tropica"
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Genus : Microsorum
Family : Polypodiaceae
Structure : Rhizome
Origin : Cultivar
Height : 15-50 cm
Width : 3-7 cm
Light : Low - High
Temp : 18-30 °C
Ph : 5.0-8.0
Difficulty : Very Easy
Growth : Slow

Microsorum pteropus "Tropica" is a cultivar by the Tropica nursery in Denmark. It is patented and commercial production is only allowed by license.

Java Fern "Tropica" has distinctive, dentate leaves. It makes little demands in the aquarium and makes a beautiful centerpiece for larger aquariums due to its size (usually bigger than the regular M. pteropus).

Price : S$ 2.49

Stock : 
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