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Aquatic Plant
Taxiphyllum sp. (Flame Moss)
SKU : TA246
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Price : S$ 9.99

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Quantity : 1 pack (10x10cm)
International Delivery : YES
Genus : Taxiphyllum
Family : Hypnaceae
Structure : Moss
Origin : Unknown
Height : -
Width : -
Light : Low - High
Temp : 15-28 °C
Ph : 5.0-9.0
Difficulty : Easy
Growth : Slow

This newly discovered Taxiphyllum sp., known as "Flame moss", is very attractive and easy to keep in an aquarium. Fronds displays a unique spiraling growth in good condition.

It prefers cooler water and bright lights. CO2 supplementation will speed up the growth of this moss, although it can still be grown without the mentioned conditions.

It can be easily attached with fishing line to wood or stone and placed anywhere in an aquarium. It is very attractive as a centerpiece due to its unique and attractive growth pattern.

Price : S$ 9.99

Stock : 
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Prompt and safe delivery of aquarium cabinet.
JunJie, 2009-11-04

Thanks for the prompt delivery with the extra reference material!
Zach Lee, 2009-04-27
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