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ANS - Planta Shrimp Soil Powder (9L)
SKU : ANS-21181
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Price : S$ 59.80

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Quantity : 1 Bag
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ANS Shrimp Soil is an aquarium substrate that is designed for shrimps and small fishes that prefers an acidic environment. It provides enough nutrients for slower growing plants like mosses.
It has pH stabilizing capabilities and prevents pH fluctuation. It is rich in humic acid and creates a natural breeding environment for small shrimps and fish.

- Clear water guarantee (clear water for 30 days even without water change)!
- Hard granules (retains shape over longer periods of time)!

Instructions for use:
- Do not wash the soil
- Spread Shrimp Soil on the bottom
- Pour water gently without stirring too much of the substrate
- Water may appear cloudy at initial setup stage but will clear within 24 hrs

Recommended Amount:
- 30cm tank (1x 3L bag)
- 60cm tank (1x 9L bag)
- 90cm tank (3x 9L bag)

Price : S$ 59.80

Stock : 
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