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Aquatic Plant
Staurogyne sp. "Tropica" package
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Price : S$ 20.97 S$ 17.99

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Quantity : 3 Pot
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Genus : Staurogyne
Family : Acanthaceae
Structure : Stem
Origin : Brazil
Height : 1-4 cm
Width : 3-5 cm
Light : Medium - High
Temp : 22-28 °C
Ph : 6.0-8.0
Difficulty : Easy
Growth : Slow

3 Pots Package

Staurogyne sp. "Tropica" is a relatively new plant in the hobby and is gaining popularity due to its unique growth. It was initially introduced as a Hygrophila species (closely related).

It is a perfect foreground plant and can do well in medium light. It's bright, green leaves contrast well with other plants in an aquarium.
Acclimatization periods may be long but once adjusted, growth will be quite rapid and dense. Occasional trimming is required and cuttings are easily obtained.

This species is easier to grow submersed. Macro and Micro nutrients should be made available. Growth is slightly faster when CO2 is supplied.

Price : S$ 20.97 S$ 17.99

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