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EIHO - Plant KH Plus (250ml /380g)
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EIHO - Plant KH Plus increase carbonate hardness of water in a planted aquarium.

In very soft water (KH less than 2dkH), CO2 concentration and storage can be low and unable to sustain fast growth of aquatic plants.

EIHO - Plant KH Plus provides a safe source of buffer and stabilize planted tank pH at around 6.8-7.2. The addition of CO2 can drop the pH of a planted tank to drastic levels. General KH is recommended to be around 3-7dkH.

Improvements in plant growth can be seen within 1-2 weeks of usage. Safe on shrimps and fish. Suitable for use with RO/DI water.

Directions for Use

- 1 spoon (7g/5ml) for 40L of water (after water change).
- In general, 1 spoonful will raise 3dkh for 40L.
- For optimum solubility, mix with 1L of water.

Price : S$ 10.80

Stock : 
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