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JBL - Ferrotabs (30pcs)
SKU : J20200
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Price : S$ 13.80

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Quantity : 1 Bottle
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Staple fertilizer concentrate in tablet form to be dissolved in water

  • For the absorption of nutrients through the leaves
  • With iron and all essential minerals and trace elements in a form readily-accessible for plants
  • Does not contain phosphates and nitrates
  • Remedies chronic iron and potassium deficiency
  • One tablet / 25 l every 14 days or after fertilizer check (Fe Test set)
  • JBL Ferrotabs counteract the iron deficiency (ferrochlorosis) dangerous to aquarium plants and distinguished by glassy, yellowish leaves. JBL Ferrotabs will create rich green, healthy plant growth in the aquarium by providing the essential iron, manganese, potassium and necessary trace minerals. As the nutrients are bound to complexing agents, they are available in a form prepared for plants. The micronutrients are also prevented from flaking and a deposit effect is achieved.
    JBL Ferrotabs are free from phosphate and nitrate. This maintains the natural balance in the aquarium and does not encourage algae growth. JBL Ferrotabs have an immediate and lasting effect.

    Price : S$ 13.80

    Stock : 
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